Low Tide Brewing





& love every minute of it.

Mike Fielding

Low Tide Brewing Founder
& Certified Cicerone

The name “Low Tide Brewing” was conceived while kayaking on the waters around Johns Island in 2012, but Mike’s dream of starting a brewery began long before that. Mike started home brewing in the basement of his fraternity house and always held on to the dream of opening up his own brewery. After a two-year stent in Australia, Mike decided it was time to make his dream into a reality. After finishing his business degree and while working for CB Craft Brewers in his native upstate New York, he headed back to settle in his favorite city and hit the ground running.

Andy Elliott

Co-Owner & Brewery Ops Manager
& Certified Cicerone

Andy joined Low Tide in 2015 to continue the journey of opening Johns Island first brewery. Andy, a Colorado native, has worked with the folks at O’Dell’s and was the head brewer at Benson Brewing in Nebraska. Andy makes it a point to use local ingredients and produce as often as he can. He believes in supporting the community in the same way they support us. Andy is the liquid engineer behind our popular “Basil Better Have My Honey” Ale that won a bronze medal in 2018 at the Great American Beer Festival.


Operations Manager
& Certified Beer Server

Although she grew up in the mountains of Virginia she has called Johns Island home now for 12 years. Once she heard there was a brewery opening on the island she instantly knew she wanted to be a part of the team and is one of the original bartenders to serve on opening night. She transitioned into her current role and is now the one behind the scenes that pumps out our social media, designs the merchandise, coordinates events (the goat race being her favorite and craziest event) and oversees taproom operations. Lover of the hops, you can typically find her sipping on an IPA but she also enjoys German Pilsners, Sours, and especially our Coastal Harvest Gose. Her favorite Low Tide beer is the Winter Warmer Beach Blanket Belgian Quad which she always describes as Christmas in a cup.


Captain of Sales
& Certified Beer Server

Quinn joined us all the way from the West Coast bringing a fresh California vibe to the Lowcountry. Quinn is seasoned in the beer industry and continues to spread his passion for beer to others. He works closely with area bars and restaurants to ensure our accounts are satisfied with our product, help educate staff members that will be serving our product, and overall generate excitement around our beer. His favorite beer style is a Bavarian Wheat, loves how quaffable this style is in addition to the spicy flavors and yeastiness. Favorite Low Tide beer is the Tide Chaser IPA- not too bitter, bright and citrusy.


Head Brewer
& Certified Beer Server

Sam recently joined our team and he brings a wealth of brewing knowledge that we are excited to utilize. Formerly the Head Brewer at C.H. Evans Brewing he was looking for a scenery change and we are happy to have introduced him to Johns Island. His favorite style of beer is a Pilsner, he says with a smile “I like to drink and I can drink a lot of it. All about that quaffability”. Sam’s first beer that he will be brewing at Low Tide using his own recipe is ….you guessed it, a Pilsner. Favorite low tide beer so far is the Gr8 Passion Project- a blonde ale with passionfruit that is a refreshing summer crusher.


Head Cellarman
& Certified Cicerone

Hailing from Maine we are glad he made his way to South Carolina. He originally started working in the taproom as a beertender in early 2017 then switch over where his passion for making beer could flourish. His favorite style of beer is a Dry Irish Stout which you will often catch him drinking at brunch. He love the creative brewing methods that create soft roast character with very muted bitterness and a unbelievably light, velvety body. The roast flavors are accompanied by subtle coffee and chocolate that finishes with a gentle acidity. Simple yet complex… he is also known to enjoy a carbomb or two. His favorite beer he has brewed while at Low Tide is the Lowcountry “No Boil” NE Pale Ale. Typically Pale Ales require hops added to the boil, however with Tim’s creation he decided to skip this step to execute a fully dry hopped New England Pale Ale which he describes as “smooth like buttah”


Cellarman + Head of packaging & barrel program & Certified Beer Server

Matt started out working in the taproom going from Barback to Manager and has since moved to the brewing side of the operation. No matter what side he is working on we are just happy to have such a dedicated individual on our team. His positive attitude brings a special light to the brewery and he is a great asset to our team!

Matt’s Favorite Beer: Strawberry Short Shake because real men drink pink beer, duh.


Taproom Manager
& Certified Cicerone

He has never met a stranger and is very passionate about beer. He has been with Low Tide since the early opening days of 2016! His favorite beer style is Lagers of all shapes and sizes but not to be confused with industrial domestics. With his German heritage it’s no surprise his favorite Low Tide beer is the Frühjahrsmüdigkeit: a lager thats dark, very clean and refreshing. Besides listening to people butcher the name he enjoys this well done traditional style that has a balance of flavors. Zach is also the one that suggested we start hosting our very own Oktoberfest! He also started hosting beer classes for our staff to enhance their beer knowledge which lead us to host the Certified Cicerone exam in 2020.


Assistant Taproom Manager
& Certified Beer Server

He is a straight shooter that likes to follow the rules and wants you to as well. Steve started on the brew side in late 2016 then switched over to the taproom in January 2018. On his days off he enjoys sipping on Saisons. From fruity to spicy he enjoys the complexity of flavors yet its easy drinkability. With characteristics similar to saisons it’s no surprise his favorite Low Tide beer was the Holiday Honey Belgian Tripel. This sweet, smooth beer kept him warm and fuzzy during the winter months. Be sure to say hi next time you see him in taproom or throw a wave up when you see him cruising around the island in his Monster green Jeep!


Shift Leader Beertender
& Certified Beer Server

Czech Untappd Pilsner, because nothing beats a pale lager on a hot summer day.


Taproom Beertender
& Certified Beer Server

Prost Y’all Festbier – easy drinking lager with a good balance of malts and hops. Likes it served in a stein—less breakable.

Pam Armstrong

Taproom Beertender
& Certified Beer Server

Suicide Blonde – this style is one of my favorites and if it has a bit of a fruit zest, i’m all in.


Shift Leader Beertender
& Certified Beer Server

Tide Chaser IPA, nice classic style IPA. 


Taproom Beertender
& bingo/cornhole/trivia Host

NY Haze of Mind, love the citrus and thick juiciness. I have never met an IPA I didn’t enjoy. 


taproom Beertender

Creamsicle Sour because I love Vanilla!


Taproom Beertender
& Certified Beer Server

Olde Familiar Helles Lager! I like the drinkability of this beer, it’s crisp and smooth with full flavor. Any time is the right time for this brew!


& Certified Beer Server

Oat Face Nitro Stout – loving the chocolate notes, subtle sweetness and mouth feel.



Isle of Pale Ale, this was the first beer to get me started liking hoppy beer.



Puckering Pie Hole: Cherry. Taste like cherry pie Grandma used to make!